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 [How To] Create a Faction [Read]

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PostSubject: [How To] Create a Faction [Read]   Sat Oct 13, 2012 9:54 pm

Faction Rules:

1) Originality is essential - You cannot use any material from any other factions from any other server or forum. Doing this will lead to a punishment being given out, and the locking & archiving of your topic.

2) There must be at least three players, to ensure the faction has a higher chance of success, if you do not have this requirement, than you DO NOT post a topic here, as it will be locked & archived. This information must be mentioned in the faction topic for founders to be informed

3) Professionalism is also important, bad grammar will not be tolerated. A player must complete a minimum of three paragraphs for their faction story. The thread should then be updated regularly in order to inform spectators of the latest and most valid information.

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[How To] Create a Faction [Read]
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