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 [READ] Server Rules

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[READ] Server Rules Empty
PostSubject: [READ] Server Rules   [READ] Server Rules EmptyMon Oct 15, 2012 4:36 am

IG rules:

1. Fear guns. if your enemy is pointing a gun at you and you got no weapon, you have to surrender. Unless he/she is far away, then you're allowed to run away.
2. Fear the police, you are not allowed to beef them without any reason.
3. Roleplay Big guns! big guns are: ak-47, shotgun(except sawn-off shotgun) and sniper rifle. You can't roleplay that they're on your back or they're hidden in your jacket or something. They have to be roleplayed from a trunk or sportsbag. LSPD Special forces (swat, fbi etc.) are allowed to roleplay their guns on their back. Katana and baseball bat has to be roleplayed from a bag or trunk.
4. Asspull is not allowed! If you want to draw your gun, roleplay it. Small guns, knives and brass knuckles can be roleplayed from waistline or pocket.
5. Drive rply, if you make a carcrash, you have to roleplay it.
6. Everybody is free to choose which weapon they want to own.
7. Gangs may attack other gangs every 30 minutes. They can only attack one gang at the time.

1. Do not bunnyhop.
2. Do not MG.
3. Do not PG.
4. Rambo is not allowed. Always take cover in shootouts.
5. Try not to ruin the RP by going OOC.
6. Do not insult/swear, be nice to eachother.
7. Racism and discrimination will not be tolerated, you can get a permanent ban for this.
8. Do not spam.
9. Do not advertise other servers.
10. Never ask for an admin/staff rank.
forum rules
1. Do not spam.
2. Do not post in complain/ban appeal topics unless you're an admin, the one who got banned/reported or the one who's reporting. If you got evidence you're also allowed to post in these topics.
3. Do not insult people.
4. No discrimination/racism.
5. Do not doublepost
6. Do not use insulting signatures.
7. Do not post insulting pictures.
8. Do not ask for staff rank.

Breaking one of those rules is punishable
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[READ] Server Rules
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