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 [READ] Posting in the ban appeal section!

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[READ] Posting in the ban appeal section! Empty
PostSubject: [READ] Posting in the ban appeal section!   [READ] Posting in the ban appeal section! EmptyTue Oct 16, 2012 3:00 am

If you got banned you have to fill in this form:

Ig name:
Date when you got banned:
Admin who banned you:

Rules of posting a ban appeal:
-You have to post your real ip, if you dont want to post your ip where everybody can see it, you have to send it to one of the community founders.
-You may only post in ban appeals if you got involved in the ban. People with evidence are also allowed to post. Admins who aren't involved in the ban are not allowed to post unless they got evidence aswell.
-Do not spam, there is a edit button.

Breaking one of those rules will be punished.
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[READ] Posting in the ban appeal section!
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