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 Ganton Street Saints

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Ganton Street Saints 2enxh78

The Ganton St. Saints are a reincarnated street gang, maintaining a strong presence in Los Santos through their participation in most of the criminal activity which takes place in the ghetto parts of the city. Due to the increase power in the LAE enforcement, members of the street gang no longer wear rags or significant clothing which can evoke suspicion. They accept people of all races and sects, and have a reputation of being ruthless criminal masterminds; the current faction leader is believed to be a wanted ex-convict with the alias, "Craig Chiller" whom is thought to be hiding at this moment.

The Hood:

The Main Hood
Ganton Street Saints 2i7u4h0

The Liquor
Ganton Street Saints 29pbzvm

The Projects
Ganton Street Saints 257hgls


Ganton Street Saints Ak47
King Pin
Craig Chiller

Ganton Street Saints M4
Top Shotta'

Ganton Street Saints Chromegun

Ganton Street Saints Tec-9-Icon,_SA

Ganton Street Saints MicroUzi-GTASA-icon

Ganton Street Saints Colt-

Ganton Street Saints 2mqj2id

Get three of these * to get promotion or reward.
Get three of these * and you will receive a demotion or kick.

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Ganton Street Saints
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