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 Central Thug Nation

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PostSubject: Central Thug Nation   Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:22 am

Central Thug Nation
It all started in 1998 when Willie Gengie the 18-Year old street thug got a few friends together around Glen Park, Los Santos...
Willie, more known as G-Man wanted to confront the Ganton Street Saints, the gang that killed his parents.
G-Man and a few of his friends planned the revenge in years, they finally got a good plan.
They wanted to kill the murderer while he was asleep.
They knew his address, when they started the mission, one of Willie's friend's got caught by a Cop for possession of illegal firearm, while Willie and 2 of his other friends ran away.
They couldn't kill the murderer but the murderer killed 2 of Willie's friend.
In the year 2007 Willie starts a street gang, seeking revenge and domination.
Now, in 2012 he is still without a clue and struggling to survive at the age of 30.
Central Thug Nation wears the Green Colored bandanas, rags, etc.
They hang around Glen Park, the small territory is all they got, it's dangerous to leave it, alone.

How We Dress

Willie Gengie

Right Hand

Original Gangstuh'

Big Gangstuh'

Real Gangstuh'


Small Gangstuh'

New On The Block

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Central Thug Nation
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